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Be Own Sports Foundation supports its goals through fundraising activities and by collaborating with other public and non-profit organizations both in Africa, United States and around the world. Be Own Sports Foundation Inc. also engages in community outreach to further its mission and reach its never ending goals of providing new opportunities to the youth in the sport industry. 


Be Own Sports Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization which provides youth with access to character building and development activities in Africa, USA and around the world. We use sports as a vehicle to motivate, empower, strengthen academic skills, improve athletic ability, while focusing on integrating youth of all background  and abilities.


We understand you have so much to do and your life to live, we just wanted you to know
how much your contribution will impact so many lives in ways that you could not have anticipated.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization.


Thank you for the action you are about to take to give our youth the opportunity to see
LIFE through a clear lens.

We are not sure of the reason you are 
GIVING BACK but we deeply appreciate your kind gesture for donating to
our foundation. Sport & Education are the most POWERFUL tool the world has at it disposal to empower, motivate, guide and support the youth as they develop into great leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for making it possible!


We are always in need of knowledgeable volunteer as we run sports camps and
Business/Technology master classes events for our youth into our BOSF Hub. Please
send us your resume if you have these skills: Basketball Coach, Soccer Coach, Tennis
Coach/Pro, Business Leader, Tech Leader, Entrepreneur with experience, Event

Organizer, Fundraiser/Grant Writer, Photographer & Videographer.

“Coaching young kids is one of the most important thing that we can do!” Kobe Bryant


We believe every action matter, whether it is big or small, to us they all matter. Here are

5 simple ways that you can give back:

  • Donate Yourself to our Foundation

  • Direct introduction to a Potential Personal Donor or Organization

  • Organize fundraising events

  • Organize Collect drives for Basketballs & Shoes, Soccer balls & Shoes,

  • Tennis Balls, Rackets & Shoes,

  • Sports Gear and Portable Computers

  • Join Our Group on our Trips to Africa to witness the transformation

Let Your Game Speak_Black.png

At Be Own Sports Foundation, we believe deeply in the power of sport as a tool of
empowering the youth to drive their lives in the right direction which is exactly what our

Foundation Founder, Aly Samabaly did.

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