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Be Own Sports Foundation supports its goals through fundraising activities and by collaborating with other public and non-profit organizations both in Africa, United States and around the world. Be Own Sports Foundation Inc. also engages in community outreach to further its mission and reach its never ending goals of providing new opportunities to the youth in the sport industry. 


Be Own Sports Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization which provides youth with access to character building and development activities in Africa, USA and around the world. We use sports as a vehicle to motivate, empower, strengthen academic skills, improve athletic ability, while focusing on integrating youth of all background  and abilities.


Fueling Young Minds and Bodies Through Fresh Food

At Be Own Sports Foundation, we know that access to nutritious food is crucial for powering kids' success on the field and in the classroom. When children have fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables on their plates, they get the fuel they need to actively participate in sports and learning activities. Good nutrition keeps their minds sharp and bodies energized so they can concentrate, retain information, and perform at their best. Our urban farm teaches kids how to grow nutrient-dense crops that will nourish them now and into the future. With your support, we can provide children with healthy food that will drive their physical, cognitive, and academic development - setting them up for personal and community growth.



Unlocking Bright Futures Through Quality Education

At Be Own Sports Foundation, we believe that education is the key to unlocking a better future for children. When kids have access to quality learning opportunities, they gain the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities to make smart choices and create new possibilities for themselves and their communities. Education opens doors to college, trades, athletics, arts, and a wide range of careers, allowing young people to lift themselves out of poverty and realize their full potential. Our programs use the power of education to empower youth, spur economic growth, improve health, and increase civic participation. With your help, we can provide children with the academic foundation they need to chase their dreams and build a brighter tomorrow. 

We are proud to partner with Knowverse. Their vision is aligned with our mission of empowering the world youth with access to education.

Knowverse provide adaptive and personalized learning, cross-platform accessibility, and decentralized content, ensuring that education is accessible to people around the globe. Your donations will be collected through the our Be Own Sport Foundation, ensuring transparency and accountability.

To learn more about the Be Own Sport Foundation and their impactful work, please visit 


sports facilities

Building Safe Havens for Play and Development Through Sports

At Be Own Sports Foundation, we know that developing children's bodies and minds starts with having access to safe and clean facilities for play and sports. Quality venues give kids the space they need to unlock their athletic potential, pick up new skills, and discover favorite activities. Sports teach invaluable life lessons like discipline, teamwork, and determination that will serve children well beyond the playing field. Our sports complexes and courts provide the ideal environment for children to engage in active play, improving their overall health and wellbeing. With your support, we can construct modern facilities to help kids gain strength, coordination, fitness, and a lifelong appreciation for physical activity - giving them the tools they need to grow into healthy, confident adults.

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Sports camps

Building Character On and Off the Field Through Sports Camps

At Be Own Sports Foundation, our sports camps use athletics to positively shape both individual players and the greater community. With programming that enhances physical and mental health, teaches critical life skills, and provides a constructive outlet, our camps foster the holistic growth and development of youth. Sports help kids build confidence, leadership, teamwork, and determination - qualities that will serve them well beyond the playing field. And by keeping children engaged in productive activities, our programs cultivate stability and togetherness at the community level. With your support of our sports camps, you can help empower the next generation on their journey to becoming well-rounded citizens and community leaders. Our programs use the transformative power of sports to build character in youth both on and off the field.


sports & school equipment

Leveling the Playing Field Through Equipment Donations

At Be Own Sports Foundation, we believe that access to proper gear should never be a barrier to students reaching their potential in academics or athletics. Donations of sports and school supplies make a major difference in kids' education, fitness, teamwork skills, self-confidence, and more. With necessities like books, balls, and backpacks, we can promote inclusion, foster a love of learning, and help all students thrive in and out of the classroom. Our donations provide opportunities for children to discover talents, build skills, and feel a sense of belonging. By generously giving the tools kids need to succeed, you can help boost academic performance, health, esteem, and community spirit. Let's work together to level the playing field and set students up for victory in life.

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