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 Our foundation started with the idea that children’s lives matter. We believe in giving the less fortunate kids the chance to enjoy the innocence of youth and to see the world in all its pomp and color as other children around the world have the privilege of doing. They should not have to view the world through a broken lens

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Our founder Aly, was once one of the kids with a broken lens, which is why he has created this foundation to invest in children’s lives in Africa and around the world whose circumstances don’t allow them to flourish.

As a foundation, our mission is to work towards creating a new light that will brighten the children’s future.

Everything we do is centered on broadening opportunities for the youth through educational and ‘playing with purpose’ programs. Projects like these are designed and implemented to facilitate learning ethical social values, financial security, personal growth, and community building. Generating role models who will be productive members of society.  


Be Own Sports Foundation programs reach youth in underpriviledged communities where educational, health and economic outcomes are at risk.  The Be Own Sports Foundation's focus in these communities is to:

  • Increase educational attainment for all youth, not just those with the most promising prospects

  • Improve health, wellbeing, and to the extent desired by youth, athletic skills

  • Increase resiliency, hope, and self-reflection, while building relationships among youth and between youth and adults in their communities

  • Enhance youth ability to explore their own beliefs and values, develop a sense of purpose to their lives, and develop leadership qualities

  • Increase self-awareness while enhancing youth appreciation for people of all abilities, backgrounds, interests, and traditions.

  • Identify and drive Technology and innovation opportunities


We aim to increase competency in every area of youth development as well as nurture young people to be connected, caring, confident and contributing to their communities. Leaning on Kathleen Pittman’s research into youth development and engagement outcomes, young people involved in Be Own Sports Foundation activities will have a solid sense of safety and structure, membership and belonging, mastery and sense of purpose, and responsibility and self-worth. Recognizing the importance of full engagement, young people will have opportunities to make a difference — to participate and to influence.

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