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Be Own Sports Foundation Inc. is a public benefit nonprofit organization founded to provide programs, experiences, and support young people need to develop to their full potential. Through sports, we provide access to youth development and engagement activities in state-of-the-art facilities located in communities throughout the world. Playing sports gives kids in impoverished communities a much-needed break from their harsh reality and that is the spirit powering our foundation.


At Be Own Sports Foundation (BOSF), we live by a simple phrase 'Let Your Game Speak’ because we have always believed in actions being louder than words. We believe in the three pillars of sport for fun, peace, sustainable development, and personal branding. 

Here, it is BE yourself, OWN your game and bring them together to BECOME complete. In sports, just as in life when you become yourself and explore your worth, you are making the world around you as perfect as you are. 

When you own your game, you do it your way and inspire a generation of young people they can BE somebody and stand for change. Let Your Game Speak is not just a phrase to us but rather a way of LIFE. We encourage all of our youth to be their best selves by owning their game. Always “Let Your Game Speak!” Here at Be Own Sports Foundation, we believe that only advantages can be harnessed from active participation in sport and being ambassadors in this journey of securing a future for tomorrow's generation. We encourage our children to never let their dreams slip away even after failing few times, we believe in trying again, again, and again because it’s the only way experience is acquired. at Be Own Sports Foundation. What we are building a trustworthy, diligent and reliable network so kids can get access to experienced coaches, facilities, and supplies with technical and necessary sports equipment.  


Opportunities are all over the world but sometimes as a kid born and live in Africa, it feels unattainable. Waking up every morning not know where to find opportunities or where to look for them. To be a successful one as to be put in a position to be successful and that is exactly what we intend to do here at Be Own Sports Foundation. 


Aly Samabaly, founder of Be Own Sports Foundation, was born in and spent the first nine years of his life in The Congo and Mali, but upon the sudden death of both of his parents, moved to France to live with his sister, continuing to face the hardship of poverty and all its challenges.  His love of sports, his natural abilities, and his work ethic resulted in his recruitment to play high school basketball in Akron, Ohio with teammate LeBron James. They won two state championships, and Aly became a McDonald’s All-American nominee, which furthered his playing opportunities and led to a full NCAA Division 1 athletic scholarship. Aly beat the odds. It is out of the adversity he experienced from early in life that he is passionate about giving young people throughout the world access to the resources, guidance, knowledge, and encouragement he never had.

Who We Are
Aly Samabaly - Founder Be Own Sports Fou



Frederic Naville

Executive Assistant & Foundation Growth


Cyril Akpomedah

Europe Partnership Development Director
Former PRO Basketball Player

Board Member


Deb Haselmann

Foundation Logistics manager


Louvenor Jean-Pierre

Europe Event/Sponsorship Director 

Former NCAA D1 Basketball Player


Bob Kelly

President Bil-Jac Foods, Inc

Be Own Board Member


Governor James Woodboy

Africa Government Relations


Maurice Obie

East Africa Lead Basketball Coach


Jeff O'Dell

Board Member


Assetou Samabaly

Africa Women's Economic Development Director


Silalei Shani

Alymali Sports Management Director

                Be Own Member


Tobias Ochieng

Web/Social Media Manager

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 1.45.39 PM.png

Fabrizio Gramuglio

Be Own Advisor 

Ai & Innovation Expert


Rose Tata

Africa Athletics Manager

Former Olympian 


Jean Pierre Ciesielski

Certified Athletes Group COO

Be Own Board Member

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