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It has been an incredible journey full of amazing moments, mistakes, tears of struggles and joy building the Be Own Sports Foundation. We stand with our scars created by all those experiences which made us that much closer, wiser and humble as we strive to do better day by day to expend our work to more kids around the world.

As an organization we are so grateful to all of you for your patience, support, commitment and loyalty to our work as one global Be Own Sports Foundation family. The journey as not been easy by any stretch of imagination but today we are extremely excited of the bright future ahead as we move forward working on fulfilling on our vision one day at a time.

The great late Nelson Mandela said that “ It always seems impossible until it‘s done.”

As a team we have hang on to those words of empowerment in our moments of struggles while continuing to inspire a generation of young people in Africa and around the world to know and believe that they matter and can also accomplish great things with hard work, respect, focus and determination.

Let’s continue to build those smiles together!


Thank you

The Be Own Sports Foundation Team

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