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Kids just want to be kids and play with their friends without having to worry about where they will get the next meal or clean water to drink. Hydration is one of the most important action the human body requires, in order to function at optimal capacity. In children, it is the key ingredient in the growth phase of a child. Being well hydrated helps with concentration in learning, degrease exhaustion and malnutrition in children. Clean water is not just needed for drinking but also for to keep the body clean, and washing hands which helps in lowering the risk of attracting virus and bacterial illnesses. Studies have shown that better hygiene, increase self-esteem especially in children because when you feel clean, you feel happy and relaxed therefore one is more likely to engaged in positive behavior.

We knew water can do that to a child and that is why, Be Own Sports Foundation we keep working hard to provide water to all of our youth and coaches at all of our Be Own Sports Foundation sanctioned events. Our mission is to watch kids playing without worrying about getting hurt on a bad plying surface, not having clean water, not having the right gear to play the sport safely and not having a safe place where they can go to play with their old friends and make new ones. Together we will fulfill this mission one day at a time.


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